The Panther Valley school board on Thursday agreed to give the district's indoor swimming pool a reprieve, giving anyone who can come up with a viable plan to pay for operating it 30 days to present their strategy.

The board will again address the matter when it meets at 7 p.m. March 28.

The board on Thursday agreed to maintain the pool for 30 days. On Feb. 21, the board's Building and Grounds Committee had agreed to recommend that the board vote on closing the window as of March 7.

Anyone who is interested in taking over operations of the pool is asked to call Superintendent Rosemary Porembo at (570) 645-4248. The district office will provide all of the information needed.

If no one comes forward, the board expects to drain and fill the pool, then use the area for another purpose, possibly for physical education.

The pool was closed as of May 2011 to help cut costs in light of severe state budget cuts.

A group called Water Wellness in October signed a one-year lease, effective January 2011, to operate the pool, and opened it for therapeutic and recreational use. But after several months, Water Wellness was unable to make its monthly payments, so the pool closed again at the end of December.

The school board in January agreed to take legal action against Water Wellness to recoup the $37,000 it owes the district.

Meanwhile, a group has formed to try to raise money to keep the pool open. However, the group has been unable as yet to come up with a viable plan.

Asked Thursday by the TIMES NEWS for the current amount, business manager Kenneth Marx Jr. said that he was "advised to tell you that the amount in question is involved with litigation and cannot be disclosed by me at this time."