Lehighton Area Middle School students were recently recognized for their outstanding achievement at a B.O.S.S. program – "Breakfast for Outstanding Student Success." The faculty selects students for this honor who display hard work, dedication, achievement and – above all – a desire for improvement.

According to LAMS Principal Dr. Mark McGalla, the B.O.S.S. program was born from the frustration that award programs are typically held at the end of a school year and the belief that positive reinforcement is an important function of the school throughout the year. The B.O. S.S. program takes place two times during each school year.

In welcoming the parents, grandparents, guardians, and other relatives to the buffet-style breakfast, Dr. McGalla said, "With the several times that we've had to postpone this B.O.S.S. program due to wintry weather, it is a credit to everyone here that you are able to take time out of your busy lives to celebrate the positive impact that your children have on our school community."

"Naturally, YOU are a big part of the reason why your children demonstrate success," he added. "We at LAMS feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with your children and we thank you for allowing us to be an instrumental part of their lives at school."

Lehighton Area High School Principal Craig Reichl served as guest speaker for the B.O.S.S. program. His advice to the students included to treat all people with respect; help your friends; dream big; and always do the right thing.

Quoting retired football coach and current sportscaster, author, and motivational speaker Lou Holtz, Reichl said, "Think W.I.N. – What's Important Now?"

"Is it more important right now to play that video game or study for your upcoming test?" asked Reichl.

He challenged the students to turn off all electronic devices for one hour; get rid of all distractions; and think about the next 20 years of their lives.

"Set benchmarks – both short-term and long-term goals for your life. Visit them often and you'll always be a success," concluded Reichl.

Fifth and sixth grade students who were recognized at the B.O.S.S. program for their outstanding achievement include Ethan Ackernecht; Madison Ahner; Asia Arner; Isabella Baka; Mason Barndt; Evan Beers; Shealynn Buchert; Dylan Coffin; Simon Costello; Olivia Frendt; Ashley Fritz; Austin Fritzinger; Brett Gasker; Jessica Hess; Karissa Hough; Shain Hrusovsky; Jessica Kellner; Emily Kleintop; Cierra Kunkle; Calvin Maholick; Aidan Malloy; Emma McClafferty; Ryan Nametko; Aleah Nothstein; Makayla Nothstein; Logan Pagotto; Amya Quinones; Brandon Ramirez; Lucas Sanguiliano; Benjamin Schatz; Gavin Sherer; Alexander Slaw; Joshua Smith; Natalie Smith; Aaliyah Stanley; Jonathan Vogl; Alyssa Williams; Shane Williams; and Cassidy Yackanicz.

Also acknowledged for their outstanding achievement at the B.O.S.S. program include seventh and eighth grade students Justin Ahner; Codi Balliet; Michael Blacketter; Aubrey Blasiak; Savanna Buchinsky; Erika Cruver; Andrew Ebbert; Matthew Eckhart; Tanner Eckman; Abram Fitzsimmons; Julie Frey; Emily Haberman; Katelyn Haupt; Ryan Heery; Thera Hibbler; Kaitlin Higgins; Breanna Hoffner; Elise Johnston; McKenna Knappenberger; Kyle Krempasky; Patrick Lawler; Ryan Moerder; Mataya Neff; Lyssa Pantella; Alivia Paules; Cheyenne Pettit; Mitchell Quigley; Rajah Quinones; Jessica Ripkey; Shawn Rutcosky; Jackson Schaeffer; Gabrielle Schaffer; Brandon Schnell; Dylan Scott; Ty Sharrow; Sydney Snyder; Kyrsten Solt; Kyle Strohl; Tyler Steigerwalt; Matthew Strubinger; Lauren Wentz; and Nolan Wentz.

In his remarks to close the B.O.S.S. program, LAMS Assistant Principal Michael DeAngelo discussed President Abraham Lincoln.

"He failed many times in his life – including in business and losing various elections," said DeAngelo. " Lincoln made mistakes, but he bounced back."

"How we handle failure in life is what matters most to our future success," concluded DeAngelo.

LAMS Student Advisory Council provided the donuts, coffee, juice, etc. for the breakfast – under the direction of teacher and advisor John Lopata.

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