With the end of the 2012-2013 school year, East Penn Elementary School recently held its annual Awards Program.

Assisted by faculty and staff, Principal Suzanne Howland presented the awards.

Senator David Argall Good Citizenship Award is presented to two students from each fourth grade class. The recipients of this award are selected by their teachers.

The students who received this recognition are Cole Schleicher and Alaina Strohl.

President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence is awarded to fourth grade students who have received a score in the advanced levels on both reading and math on their third grade Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests. The recipients each received a certificate signed by President Barack Obama and a lapel pin.

Award recipients are Kyle Burbage; Nathan Carr; Gabrielle Cadden-James; Zachary Fisher; Izabell Garcia; Sean Kennedy; Austin Kern; Brandon Kocher; Nicole Marion; Danielle Moyer; Kenneth Schleicher; and Natasha Schleicher.

President's Awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement were presented to Angelina Buchert; Steven Fritzinger; Emma Hall; Olivia Schuster; Cole Schleicher; Alaina Strohl; Chloe Strohl; and Kyle Troxell.

Envirothon Awards were presented to Science Maniacs (16th Place) - Alyssa Frey; Ryan Graver; Nicholas Hrusovsky; Hailey Miller; and Collin Wentz.

Taylor Engle earned the distinction of being named "Artist of the Year" for East Penn Elementary School.

Spelling Bee awards were presented to Kyle Burbage; Zachary Fisher; Austin Kern; Sean Kennedy; and Branden Kocher.

Fourth grade students recognized for French Enrichment are Kyle Burbage; Gabrielle Cadden-James; Nathan Carr; Zachary Fisher; Izabell Garcia; and Danielle Moyer.

Recognized as kindergarten tutors are Aaliyah Fisher; Alyssa Frey; Kira Hartman; Hailey Miller; and Collin Wentz.

Fourth grade students were selected for the following class awards:

Best Attitude - Ryan Muller

Best Oral Reader - Danielle Moyer

Best Personality - Cole Schleicher and Alaina Strohl

Best Problem-Solver - Kyle Troxell

Best Sense of Humor - Kyle Burbage

Best Scientist or Most Scientific - Nathan Carr

Best Speller - Austin Kern

Best Storyteller - Kenneth Schleicher

Friendliest - Angelina Buchert and John Strohl

Funniest - Sean Kennedy and Meadow Raudabaugh

Hardest Worker - Izabell Garcia

Most Artistic - Taylor Engle and Scott Lambert

Most Athletic - Branden Kocher and Chloe Strohl

Most Cooperative - Nicole Marion and Jazeyen Simmons

Most Creative - Jamyson Cotterman

Most Helpful - Natasha Schleicher

Most Improved - Allen Sterner

Most Likely to Succeed - Gabrielle Cadden-James and Zachary Fisher

Most Organized - Kartieara Simmons

Most Polite - Emma Hall

Most Respectful - Trinitee Wesner

Most Responsible - Olivia Schuster

Most Well-Behaved - Anna Silvers

Most Well-Mannered - Steven Fritzinger

Straight "A" certificates are presented to those students who completed the school year with an "A" average in every subject.

The students who received this recognition are Zachary Fisher and Izabell Garcia.

The following students achieved perfect attendance for the 2012-2013 school year:

Kindergarten - Madison Hoppel, Andrew Hrusovsky, and Savannah Reiss

Grade 1 - James Andreas, Maddyx Moser-Bergdahl, and Jacey Tully

Grade 3 - Aaliyah Fisher and Shelby Heater

Grade 4 - Emma Hall and Austin Kern

Students recognized for their active involvement in the Chime Ensemble are Angelina Buchert; Kyle Burbage; Gabrielle Cadden-James; Nathan Carr; Jamyson Cotterman; Taylor Engle; Steven Fritzinger; Izabell Garcia; Emma Hall; Sean Kennedy; Austin Kern; Branden Kocher; Nicole Marion; Danielle Moyer; Ryan Muller; Cole Schleicher; Kenneth Schleicher; Natasha Schleicher; Olivia Schuster; Anna Silvers; Jazeyen Simmons; Kartieara Simmons; Allen Sterner; Alaina Strohl; Chloe Strohl; and Trinitee Wesner.

A Renaissance Learning Program, STAR assessments measure student achievement in reading and math. Certificates are presented to students who have earned the highest benchmark score for the year in STAR early literacy, STAR reading, and STAR math. All three assessments are given three times a year - in September, January, and May - to track students' performance and growth throughout reading and math content areas.

The students who were recognized with the STAR Renaissance Certificate for Reading are:

Kindergarten - Early Literacy - Andrew Hrusovsky

Grade 1 - Michael Bowman

Grade 2 - Rachael Carr

Grade 3 - Nicholas Hrusovsky

Grade 4 - Gabrielle Cadden-James

STAR Renaissance Certificates for Math were presented to:

Grade 1 - Aaron Hayes

Grade 2 - Logan Gerhart

Grade 3 - Tret Solt

Grade 4 - Izabell Garcia

As the fourth grade students prepare to "move up" from the elementary school to Lehighton Area Middle School next year, Howland remarked about the Class of 2021, "Our fourth graders have matured from kindergarten through grade four. They have learned from life's experiences, created beautiful pieces of art, performed in concerts, but most importantly learned to be responsible and respectful people."