As the 2012-2013 school year drew to a close, Shull-David Elementary School recently held its annual Awards Program.

Assisted by faculty and staff, Principal Aaron Sebelin presented the awards.

The following students achieved perfect attendance for the 2012-2013 school year:

Kindergarten - Sarah Schlough.

Grade 1 - Makayla Gaston, Joel Hottenstein, and Caiden Stephen.

Grade 2 - Clarissa Smyth.

Grade 3 - Gene Everett, Emily Graver, Logan Hottenstein, Autumn Madea, and Kyle Nahf.

Grade 4 - Richard Fronheiser and Grant Schaeffer.

Students who were tardy four or more times were not eligible for perfect attendance.

The President's Award for Outstanding Academic Excellence is awarded to fourth grade students who have received a score in the advanced levels on both reading and math on their third grade Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) tests.

The students who received this recognition are Andrew Danilovitz, Corbin Frisvold, Alyssa Hollywood, Aubrey Hunt, Marcus Maldonado, Kathryn Nanovic, Merrik Nansteel (e-learn), Emily Sangiuliano, Cassidy Schaefer, Nicole Serbel, and Kenneth Zacharias.

The President's Awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement were presented to:

Shia Arner, Jocelyn Cebrosky, Anthony Cressley, Zaire Christman, Seth Fisher, Richard Fronheiser, McKenna Geary, Mackenzie Hellyer;, Dakota Johnston, Jaden Knauss.

Alyssa Leone, Stephen Lin, James Marks,, Lily McDonough, Eve Palazzolo,Grant Schaeffer, Damon Shumway, Camille Smith,Ryan Smith, Alexis Solomon, Jaden Srebrenick,Garrett Weaver, Paige Wehr, and Michael Williams.

Senator David Argall Good Citizenship Awards were presented to McKenna Geary, Dakota Johnston, Alexis Solomon, and Kenneth Zacharias.

Straight "A" certificates, presented to fourth grade students who completed the school year with an "A" average in every subject, were given to Corbin Frisvold, Aubrey Hunt, Kathryn Nanovic, Grant Schaeffer, Nicole Serbel, Alexis Solomon, Ryan Smith,, Garrett Weaver, and Kenneth Zacharias.

In addition, it was noted that not only have Aubrey Hunt, Nicole Serbel, Kathryn Nanovic, Garrett Weaver, and Kenneth Zacharias earned straight "A's" this school year, but every year - Kindergarten through fourth grade.

Envirothon Awards were presented to those third grade students who had competed with other school districts as they answered questions pertaining to our environment.

The students who received this recognition are Dane Badman, Briana Biegley, Taylor Bjorkman, Dante Boni, Kyra Bortz, Madalynne Cerami, Jenna Gasker, Kurtis Gustafson, Emma Harris, Gianna Heller, Yelina Horn, Hailey Long, Autumn Madea, Colyn Mertz, Aaron Miller,Kyle Nahf, Grant Rimbey, Tate Sharrow, Shayla Simek, and Ben Zacharias.

"We are very proud of our fourth grade students who are now moving on to the middle school," said Sebelin about the Class of 2021. "They have worked very hard during their time here at Shull-David. I know they will be successful in their future endeavors."

As the students prepare to "move up" from the elementary school to Lehighton Area Middle School next year, Sebelin concluded, "These awards are a credit to the years of hard work, responsibility, and commitment to their education. Students and parents deserve a pat on the back for their outstanding effort."