Contribution forms for the 250th anniversary of Chestnuthill Township were given out at the May 16 committee meeting. If there should be any money left over in the anniversary account after the events, it will be divided by the four townships that were once Chestnuthill, for use on a historical event.

The brochures have been updated.

At the Sept. 7 event at the fairgrounds there will be a building for commercial and one for nonprofit vendors. The parade is scheduled from 10 a.m. to noon to be followed by music, food, and old-fashioned activities until 6 p.m. The fairgrounds will be opened at 7 a.m., Sept. 8, for cleanup by anyone not finishing in the evening.

The cost for vendors has been lowered.

Bernie Kozen, park director, said there will be a concert in the park at the new bandshell on June 23, 6 p.m. The annual Art in the Park will be held July 28 with music this year. The anniversary committee will be present at both events.

Bids for publishing the history book were requested from Minuteman, TIMES NEWS, Copy Corner, RR Donelly and West End Printing. The latter company declined.

Carpenters' tools are on display at the Western Pocono Community Library. People are given a list of tool names and enjoy trying to compare the names with the tools. A master list is available to score answers.

Marian "Griffith" Mackes, who taught in a one-room school, told what life was like in the one-room schools and how it was with her mother as teacher. She accompanied Norman Burger when he talked about the schools. Burger said she was good at focusing on education and described her as a very positive person at age 91.

The logo awards were presented at the Pleasant Valley School Board meeting. The monetary awards were presented by Burger, the committee chairman to Michayla Kelsch, first place ($250.) Kodey Bell, who was absent, was the second place winner ($100). Annie Troller, third place winner received $50. The 250th Anniversary Committee also presented the PVHS Art Department with a check for $250 for the promotion of the arts. Art department Head, Barbara Cortese, accepted the check on the department's behalf. Kelsch's winning logo will be used on all the upcoming letterheads, banners, posters and items pertaining to the 250th Anniversary celebration.

It is hoped there will be a location to plant three rows of chestnut trees in the park.

Letters have been sent to local representatives, senators and the governor and will be sent to the county commissioners requesting their attendance.

Although the actual date of the founding of Chestnuthill Township is not definitely known, the oldest mention found in legal documents is Sept. 20, 1763, when Abraham Schmidt was appointed constable. The county seat was Easton. There were several floods that destroyed documents.

William Koehler of EMT Entertainment Mobile volunteered to serve as DJ and master of ceremonies for the fairgrounds event. Since there were others who have shown interest, he will be told if his offer will be accepted.

A time capsule is under consideration but no location has been decided upon. It will contain items from each township. A possible site was the regional park because it would belong to all four townships.

A business card using the new logo will be printed so people have identification when they are asked what they are doing.