A number of community members joined with local cub and boy scouts and Owl Creek intersection park volunteers to replace the flag and line at the park.

Key volunteer Georgine Wentz, who has purchased the flag and rope every year for the past 7 years, stated her appreciation to all who helped.

"We are always looking for new volunteers to help keep the park looking beautiful as well as keep an eye on it," added volunteer Reggie Heffelfinger of Tamaqua. "Most current volunteers are simply getting too old."

Despite this, Wentz and a few other older volunteers spend about 20 hours a month cleaning and maintaining the park. The project, finished in 2006, widened the entrance to Owl Creek Road and gave visitors a safe entry and exit to an intersecting bicycle and walk path. If anyoneone is interested in donated their time or supplies, call Wentz at (570) 668-5608.