Blue Mountain Health System will offer a free foot screening from 1-3 p.m. Tuesday, July 30, at the Blue Mountain Health System Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center at 6th & Iron Sts. in Lehighton.

People with diabetes may be at risk of developing foot problems.Therefore, it is beneficial to be screened, at least annually, to detect the presence of neuropathy, ischemia (an inadequate supply of blood caused by a partial or total blockage of an artery) and/or foot deformity and to reduce the incidence of chronic ulceration, gangrene and amputation.

Annual review allows for the identification of, and monitoring of, any changes in an individual's foot risk-status.

Proactive monitoring, regular assessment and education are effective measures in prevention and early detection of foot problems, thus reducing amputation rates.

Registration is required. Please call (610) 377-7070.