The second annual Family Fun Night was a beach bash of fun water play for the families attending the kid friendly event.

Along with the pool being open, there were also plenty of activities to keep children and their parents happy and entertained.

The event held on Saturday night was coordinated by Lehighton Area Pool Pals.

The evening quickly transitioned from one event to the other, beginning with the balloon toss, to hula hoops, water melon relay, penny scramble and ending with the gold fish scramble. There was also dancing to the deejay and refreshments.

Events were coordinated by Sharon Shaffer, LAPP member; and Mark Hoffman, chairman. LAPP members also manned the refreshment stand, both preparing and serving refreshments.

The balloon toss was a single elimination two team member event, where groups of children teamed up to toss a water filled balloon to each other until the ballon burst. Some balloons broke in mid-air, while others were dropped, and some broke as they were caught.

The children competed in age categories, so that children of the same approximate ages competed against each other.

LAPP is a nonprofit organization which formed to support the ongoing work and projects of the Lehighton Baer Memorial Swimming Pool. The organization continues to support and promote ongoing fundraising projects and events for the pool.

The pool reopened in May 2009 after LAPP raised approximately $135,000 to renovate and rebuild the Lehighton Swimming Pool.

LAPP will hold its second annual Craft Fair on Nov. 2. This years Craft Fair will be held in conjunction with Lehighton Rotary, with Santa appearing at this event.

They will be holding their second annual Christmas caroling event on Dec. 18.

The web site for the swimming pool is