Dear Editor,

Even though I live near Beltzville, I'm not about to stand up for it. It can easily fix the flaws I am soon to point out. I will leave you to decide your own opinion on Beltzville, based on the information I give you.

Let's start with the fishing. It's really hard to catch something worthwhile because of all of the disturbances in the water. People swim pretty much anywhere, so someone might be trying to fish, but someone might swim right over to their line, thus scaring away all the fish. There is a designated area for swimmers, but it is not enforced, so swimmers can swim pretty much anywhere. I think that for better fishing, the swimming area must be enforced.

Now let's go to the cleanliness of the water. You know, it's not very clean at all. I see what happens there, so believe me, it's dirty! Beltzville probably has millions of deadly viruses lurking in it, because of what people do there. People do their business in there, dump strange liquids in there, and throw used diapers and personal products everywhere and anywhere.

And lastly, the trash. You can find plenty of trash along the water's edge in buses, and in walking areas. I personally think Beltzville should supply more garbage cans, and clean up the garbage. There is also a lot of goose feces in one of the fields. Even if they can't clean it all, they can put up signs stating that you should watch your step because of goose droppings. Beltzville si also free to get into. I think that since out-of-towners are coming into Beltzville and trashing it, Beltzville should make people not from Carbon County pay to get in. I think that doing this would dramatically decrease the amount of trash there.

I hope this article was both entertaining and informative. I also hope it has greatly impacted your opinion on Beltzville.

Brook Sheckler, age 11

Lehighton, PA 18235

(Parents are Brenda and Ryan Sheckler