Closure for a Jim Thorpe family whose daughter was slain in Qatar last November, has been delayed.

According to Doha News, based out of Qatar, the trial for a Kenyan man who has been charged with the murder of Jennifer Brown, 40, has been postponed until Sept. 24. The man, who served as a security guard in the building where Brown resided in Al Sadd, has not been identified by Qatar newspapers.

He appeared in lower Doha court in late June, but it was decided that before trial resumed, he must undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

The man has been in custody since late November 2012 after police arrested him in connection with the murder.

Previous reports stated that the guard was found to have money that belonged to Brown; and later confessed to the murder. He faces the death penalty if convicted.

Since Brown's murder on Nov. 14, 2012, few details have been released by Qatar officials, the United States Embassy in Doha and the Ministry of Interior, to the media and to the family.

Brown, the daughter of Robert and Mary Brown of Jim Thorpe, was a former teacher at St. Joseph's Regional Academy in Jim Thorpe and in the Jim Thorpe Area School District before accepting a job in Qatar at the Al Wakra Campus of The English Modern School.

Her father told the TIMES NEWS shortly after his daughter's death that he tried to dissuade Jennifer from going, but she was assured Qatar was a safe place.

During a phone interview Wednesday afternoon, Robert Brown said that the whole event is still "unbelievable" seven months later, and has been a "complete nightmare right from the beginning."

The family had been left out of the loop regarding information about the return of Jennifer's body to the states, which took nearly two weeks; as well as details of the case as it progressed.

Brown added that the authorities from Qatar have never made contact with the family to date.