The key to the dump truck in Weissport has been found.

Weissport Police Chief Steven Armbruster has reported that the missing key to the dump truck has been located. He said it was found in an empty gas can.

Members of Weissport Council had reported on Monday that the keys to the dump truck, plus the spare key to the police car were missing. Council also had reported that three wires to the lawn mower were cut.

Armbruster said that someone had gotten into the dump truck and taken the key, but the key has been found. He did note that the spare key for the police car has not been located, but he wanted to assure people that no weapons are stored in the police car.

"We have found other things that were hidden in the maintenance area," said Armbruster. "It appears to be a matter of horseplay, but I am looking at this as criminal mischief or a personnel matter."

Armbruster said that he himself and not the state police will be investigating the incident.

"The taxpayers had to pay a bill to rekey the locks that was caused by horseplay," said Armbruster.

"Other things in the maintenance area were disturbed and hidden somewhere else," he said. "I believe it may be the case of a disgruntled former employee and while I do not know that for sure, I will be investigating."

Armbruster said that the borough has had some workers doing community service and there were no checks on who held keys in the past to the building.

"I do not have anyone in mind as a suspect," said Armbruster.

Council member Arland Moyer said that he rekeyed the locks at the meeting and reported that the cost was $460.

Armbruster said that a more careful watch will be conducted on who has keys in the future.

"No one was able to get into the mayor's office or police office," he said. "There were no weapons in the police car."

Armbruster said that he is recommending that the borough acquire a video surveillance system to watch inside and around the building.

"I'm planning on discussing the matter with the county detective and Attorney Mike Greek, assistant district attorney on this matter."