Steve Vasko of Palmerton loves dogs and recently he donated $1,000 on behalf of the Palmerton Hungarian Club for the stray dogs at the Carbon County Animal Shelter in Nesquehoning.

Tom Connors, director of the shelter, said it was put to good use immediately to purchase two new outdoor kennels. Vasko noted that the club donates to various non-profit groups and will return with more money in a few months.

Connors started as director approximately six months ago and prior to this job served as a volunteer at the animal shelter in Weatherly where they keep both dogs and cats. He told us that recently a dog was brought to the Carbon County shelter after having been abandoned in an empty home in Lansford. The dog was undernourished and needed a lot of loving care. Eventually Connors decided to take the dog home and call it his own. It has picked up in weight and has found a loving home in Weatherly.

Connors suggests that all dogs be chipped with identification so that when found the owners can be identified. He said the shelter has plenty of food (dry and wet food) that is donated but they could use bleach for cleaning, plastic gloves, and towels/blankets. Anyone interested in volunteering to help walk the dogs should contact the shelter.

There were approximately eight large dogs at the shelter when the donation was photographed and they hold onto the dogs as long as they can. One dog was ready to be taken to a rescue shelter due to it having developed cancer.

When adoptive families come to the shelter and find a dog to take home, Connors suggests that they go home first and think about the adoption and then come back to officially adopt a dog. That way they are definitely sure they want that dog.