Lower Towamensing Township's Board of Auditors has been reestablished.

Auditor Carl Silverstein was appointed chairman, while auditor Tim Duncan was appointed secretary, during the board's reorganizational meeting on Tuesday.

As part of their business, the auditors set the wages and benefits at $16.12 per hour, with no benefits, for any elected supervisors when any or all three should be called out to work on the township roads on a strict, call-out basis to be determined by the road foreman and approved by the chairman.

In addition, the auditors approved an expense/food allowance of $50 per day for elected supervisors who attend the State Convention in Hershey, with receipts required. The township shall pay for registration fee, room, and mileage to and from the convention. The township shall pay $75 per day for wages if it was that supervisor's day to work during the time in which they attended the state convention.