There's a new Baby coming

Have you heard the good news?

And we won't have to shop

For this Baby's new shoes.

Three Wise Men are traveling

With treasures of old

They're bringing Him

Frankincense, Myrrh and Gold

Will the Innkeeper charge him?

Will the Babe have to pay

For his night in the manger

And His crib in the hay?

God how can this King

Spend his first day on earth

In a setting so humble as

This place of His Birth.


Has you Son come to teach us

(While saving our souls)

That gaining earth's Riches

Should not be our goal?

We pray that you show us

What gifts we can bring.

Do we really have anything

"Fit for a King?"

If you think it might please Him

We'll bring Kindness and then

We'll make Peace on Earth

Through Good Will to All Men.

Jacque Patrick, Tamaqua