The year-end board of supervisors meeting for Penn Forest Township was canceled because only two of the five supervisors showed up.

Supervisors Judy Knappenberger and Warren Reiner were in attendance along with township solicitor, Gregory Mousseau. Chairwoman Christine Fazio was not expected to attend last night's meeting. Fazio has recently returned home from a lengthy hospital stay and is still recuperating.

Supervisors Paul Montemuro and Alan Katz, both of whom are outgoing supervisors, were no shows. Attempts were made to reach both supervisors by phone. Montemuro did not answer the call. Katz did answer the phone but declined to participate in the meeting.

When it was determined that there would be no quorum the meeting was canceled.

"I want to thank you for coming out this evening," Reiner said. "There will be no meeting tonight."

The board did accomplish one thing however. Since both of the supervisor elects were in attendance the township secretary, Mary Ann Lewellyn took the opportunity to swear them in as supervisors.

Scott Lignore and Phil Shedaker will begin their term of office on Jan. 6, at which time the reorganization meeting for 2014 will take place.