Letter to the Editor:

Doctors - fibromyalgia.

Although most doctors are well educated and aware of fibromyalgia, its problems, and treatment, some still have not gotten the word yet.

I hope those who say "you're faking or just looking for a way out of work, or you're lazy," could feel that pain that people feel.

This is a true disease. The pain is real.

I am not saying there are not people that may be faking the disease, but I, myself, and my friends who have it are not. You can tell.

You have the fibro, walk on the bad days. Your movements are slow and different because you hurt so bad. The next day may be as though you never had it. You feel fine.

You never know until you awoke. But you know you must go on and deal the best you can.

Some doctors get very nasty and mean and say nasty things after you are diagnosed from a specialist with this disease. This is not right.

My dear friend just went through this and called to me crying. Her doctor told her "fibromyalgia isn't real, it's all in the head and I don't believe in it;" yelling at her, and walked away.

She left there in tears.

Why do people think what you can't see isn't so. I hope those doctors, for one day, could feel the hurt, the sleepless nights, and the toll it takes to put on that happy face just to make it through one more day.

It's not in our heads. It's not something that's made up. It's not from being lazy.

It's REAL!

Doctors who don't believe, don't know cause they can't feel what we feel. I hope, for them to believe, they don't have to feel the pain first. They will feel like real jerks that they didn't believe those who truly have the disease in the first place.


Cindy Tobias

Jim Thorpe