In an effort to boost community spirit and national pride, the Nesquehoning Lions Club is embarking on a flag replacement project within the community and would like Nesquehoning residents to join it in this endeavor.

Each year the borough displays American flags throughout the town for Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and Veterans Day.

The current flags in use are approximately 10 years old and have become worn, frayed, and in some cases, torn. The Lions are aiming to replace them with new ones along with new poles and mounts beginning in the spring.

Larry Williams, president of the club, said the project is important to the community because it promotes "Pride in country, community and self."

Williams noted that residents of the town have come to club members regarding the condition of the flags and asked if there was anything that the Lions could do to help.

"Yes, we can do this," said Williams "but as a service organization, we are limited by community involvement. The funds must come from somewhere.

"The members of our Lions Club have seen first-hand how the people of Nesquehoning have slowly stopped coming out on Memorial Day for the parade. The main street was once filled with people on this day, but less show up now," Williams said.

It is the hope of the Lions Club that partnering with the community for this project will help residents take more pride in the town.

It is estimated that approximately $3,000 in donations will be needed to replace the flags and hardware.

To accomplish their fundraising goal, the Lions Club will be sending out letters to all businesses within Nesquehoning and will be placing donation jars in locations throughout the community.

"The Nesquehoning Lions Club also hopes that through community efforts the whole community will come out on Memorial Day and view what we all have done," said Williams.

To partner with the Lions Club for its flag replacement project, send checks to: Nesquehoning Lions Club, P.O. Box 132, Nesquehoning, PA 18240.