A family member died recently in Tamaqua. My husband and I could not attend the funeral but wanted to honor the deceased by sending flowers.

The flowers were ordered online from Avas Flowers, a company I came to find out was simply taking orders and farming them out to local Tamaqua florists. The entire process was a total disaster and I will never again order from this company.

However, due to the kindness of several Tamaqua residents, we were able to track down the source of the problem and insure that our flowers were delivered to the right place at the right time.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to John and Eric at the Zizelmann & Roche Funeral Home, and especially to Kevin at Guy's Flowers.

These folks cared enough to take time to assist us during a very difficult time … we sincerely thank you.

Buddy McTague (AKA Brook Evans) and Shay Collier

Camarillo, CA