Jim Thorpe fledgling author Jeff Davis' Kindle edition of his 2012 satiric novel, Nesting with the Loons, received seriously positive reviews and has sold thousands of copies with audiences as far away as New Mexico and Australia. Nesting has recently been released in a printed version.

With homages to the Office, Catch-22 and American Graffiti, Davis' depiction of an ordinary guy who seeks to escape from his entrapment in a bureaucratic office job speaks to anyone in America, in the world, who is looking to flee their nest with the loons and take flight to a paradise.

Which brings Davis' protagonist, Jack Snaggler, to the forefront.

As a 13-year-old kid, he discovered Paradise, a brunette. Before he has a chance to meet her, she is gone. While playing in a high school football game, he sees her in the stands.

Now, 35 years old, he wants nothing more than to find his Paradise.

The book begins with this, "The instant Jack Snaggler saw the brunette with the beehive hairdo sitting in the '56 El Morocco, it was love, and love was like chocolate and caramel: wonderful but sticky."

The book's cover depicts a man with a beer belly sitting on a chair on a little island with loons besides him. A type of Paradise, yet nesting with the loons. "Jack Snaggler lives In a crazy world, surrounded by people who are all a bit off, and he wants to escape to an island," Davis explained. "Loons actually are people. By nesting I mean that he is surrounded by lovable but crazy people. People are drawn to similar types of people."

Snaggler works as an order-taker at the Cool Caps Bottling Company in the Poconos. "Most of the time he and his coworkers do nothing," Davis said. "His life in the office is mundane and he wants to escape. He is in love with the brunette, but he never connects with her."

"The story is about a guy who gets up every morning at 6 a.m., goes to work in bumper-to-bumper traffic. His bosses micromanage him. He and his wife are going back and forth in their relationship. His kids scribble all over the wall."

"He's one of those people who's traveling on the highway and all of a sudden - he's had enough, and he wants to take a detour to the airport and take off to paradise. It's about each individual's dream of paradise - getting away from the madness of life."

The book prefaces with a Nick Crowe quote, "The only thing ever really crazy in the world is being sane."

"Because we live in an insane world, the really sane people are becoming the outliers," Davis added.

Davis populates Snaggler's office with a cast of characters, as described in the inside flap: "Ed Shoemaker wants to off his wife and flee to Fiji; Eileen Klump is in the throes of menopause and takes periodic hiatus' to the local mental facility; Lance Sheppard earns his money the good old fashioned way - disability fraud..."

The story takes a turn when Snaggler's officemates go missing, and Jack becomes a murder suspect. If he wants to ever see Paradise again, he'll need to unravel a conspiracy, that at each turn, involves almost everyone he knows.

Jeff Davis was born, grew up, and lives in Jim Thorpe. He started writing in an adult education class at the Vo-tech. His teachers said that he had a novel on him.

After years of writing, Davis has published that novel.

Jeff Davis' Nesting with the Loons is available in both Kindle and print formats through Amazon. He will be having a book signing on Saturday Aug. 31 from 2 - 4 p.m. at Soundcheck Records 23 Broadway in Jim Thorpe.