A new outdoors store is opening in Brodheadsville.

Dunkleberger's Sports Outfitter store, located at the former Kinsley's ShopRite store along Route 209, is a 30,000-square-foot one-stop-shop for all things hunting, fishing, camping and more.

Already open to the public, the store will host its grand opening Friday. A ribbon cutting will take place at 8:30 a.m. with members from the Greater Poconos Chamber of Commerce, state representatives, Chestnuthill Township supervisors and more. There will be free hot dogs and pretzels and $10,000 in merchandise given away.

"There's something for everyone," says Roy Horton, vice president of operations.

"We're all about the outdoors. We want to convey that to our customers," says Jere Dunkleberger, owner of Dunkleberger's Sports Outfitter.

The new store is similar to the original store, located at Sixth and Main streets, Stroudsburg. The big difference is the amount of display area and the product selection is larger.

It offers several departments, including: camping; work and casual clothing; clothing for hunting, fishing, workout, etc.; footwear; archery with a complete pro shop and indoor archery range; air gun department; hunting and firearm section; fishing; and some home decor. There is also a special area for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts; as well as a cafe for snacks and refreshments

Trophy mounts of various animals and fish are on display, some belonging to Dunkleberger, but most have been donated by West End sportsmen/women.

The first thing a visitor will probably notice when entering the store is the faint smell of pine as all the walls are comprised of natural pine.

It's all recycled wood. When Hurricane Sandy left behind so many damaged and fallen trees in the Poconos, Jere's son, Scott, who is in the tree service business, milled a lot of them and used them in the store. What's really neat is, several of those trees came from the property of Bob and Doris Kinsley, the former owners of the store. Bob said he thought that was kind of neat," says Horton.

Dunkleberger opened his first store in 1972 in Stroudsburg.

An avid sportsman, he knew the Poconos offered everything from hunting, fishing, hiking, boating and camping. He believed his store should stock everything needed to enjoy these activities and because of his outdoor experience, he was able to give his customers knowledgeable advice. As the business grew, so did the size of the store, which is now housed in four connecting store fronts.

In the last eight or 10 years, customers from the West End of Monroe County have been coming into the store and telling him how there was nothing like his store in their area. It got him thinking.

Dunkleberger and Bob Kinsley have known each other for years. When Kinsley announced he was going to build a larger ShopRite store and the old one would become vacant, Dunkleberger thought that maybe he could open a Dunkleberger's in it. An agreement was reached and renovations to the former Kinsley's ShopRite began in January.

Horton explains that one thing the area has learned from Dunkleberger is that it is important to buy locally to help the community. Every contractor that worked on the renovations was a local contractor.

Dunklebergers currently employs 58 people; and is open seven days a week.

"Dunkleberger's is a privately owned outfitter," Horton says. "We invite people to come in and experience our friendly and expert customer and customized service. All our personnel can help solve any sporting problem you might have. The people who work here live the sport they're selling. It is a prerequisite so they can offer knowledgeable information. It is what sets us apart from the chain stores."

Store hours are: Monday through Friday from 9 a.m.-8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m.-6 p.m.