Monroe County Bible Clubs of BCM International will provide daily Gospel Puppet programs from Aug. 25-31 at the West End Fair in Gilbert.

Located near the midfield entrance, Gate Number Two, and the amusement rides, the organization will have its red and black puppet stage inside its large white tent.

During each day, the 35 Gospel Puppets will be represented in eight Christian life story plays with titles like: "Smiles (Having the Right Godly Attitudes,)" "Queen For A Day,"; and "A Frightening Fourth (Appreciating Our Freedoms)."

The main puppets, Miss Dewey and Mr. Huey, will be interviewed.

Occasional Gospel songs will be sung by Micha, with his Gospel piano, and Charlie and Stanley, the Hamsters.

Jim Ecker of Stroudsburg, as the current BCM International missionary, will be the director. Local area puppeteers will be assisting him.

Their newsletter tells about Christian life stories at:

Pictures of the organization's school-time weekly "Released Time Bible Classes" for school-aged children, and the "Summer Bible Clubs" will be on display. Free helpful Christian literature, Bible postcards, Gospel pens and pencils, besides "Little Bible Booklets" will also be available in the white tent.

For more information, call Jim Ecker at (570) 421-9968 or email him at