Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, 175 S. Third St., Lehighton, held "Scholarship Sunday," a celebration to present scholarships to the many recipients within the congregation pursuing higher education and nursing degrees.

A total of $16,415 was awarded this year.

Scholarships and recipients were:

Ÿ George Acker Scholarship, Alan Pride, $1,000; Brian Reidy, $1,000 and Chris Rothharpt, $1,235.

Ÿ Rev. Raymond A. Minnich Memorial Scholarship, Deborah Taylor, $1,000; and Cindy White, $1,000

Ÿ Trinity Higher Education Scholarship, each recipient received $340: Kacie Andrew, Nakea Beers, Ian Christman, Lacey Haldeman, Levi Haldeman, Rose Hickman, Rebecca Hoffner, Alyssa Krause, Keri Marshall, Emily Mulcahy, Rebecca Paules, Heather Schweitzer, Matthew Schweitzer, Laurel Seemiller, Samantha Snyder, and Sarah Snyder.

Ÿ Ted Krieger Memorial Scholarship, each recipient received $200: Matthew Schweitzer, Laurel Seemiller and Samantha Snyder.

Ÿ Jean D. and Robert A. Benner Nursing Scholarship: Alyssa Knappenberger, Debra Lobien and Jessica Lobien, each $630; Kaitlyn Matula and Karissa Radler, each $300; and Kacie Haupt and Jennifer Radler, each $200.

Ÿ William C. and Loretta K. Shirar Memorial Nursing Scholarship, $500 each: Alyssa Knappenberger, Debra Lobien and Jessica Lobien.

Ÿ Marian A. Ashner Memorial Scholarship: $360 each, Jessica Pell and Adam Reichard.

The William C. and Loretta K. Shirar Memorial Scholarship for Nursing and the Robert A. and Jean D. Benner Nursing Scholarship were established for the purpose of awarding scholarships to high school seniors or older individuals who are pursuing a career as a registered nurse.

The Higher Education Scholarship and Kreiger Memorial Scholarship were established to provide help to persons pursuing a degree or diploma from an accredited school of higher learning.

The Marian A. Ashner Memorial Scholarship in Education required that the scholarships recipients be enrolled as a four year student at East Stroudsburg, Bloomsburg or Kutztown Universities.