A driver of a triaxle truck hauling silt received minor injuries when the truck rolled onto its side and lost its load on Route 902 in Mahoning Township this morning.

Mike Barna, 39, of Freeland, who drives for Franzosa Trucking, Hazelton, was taking a load of silt to Northampton, when the truck overturned as he struck the berm.

"I lost my brakes and I did what I could," said Barna.

The smell of burning brakes was heavy in the air as emergency responders entered the scene.

The large truck lay on its side with most of the load of silt spilled from the truck.

Barna said he faced a line of traffic in front of him. He said he tried to avoid hitting anyone.

Ann Marie Schilling of Coaldale was the last car in line. Barna did not avoid hitting her Ford Escape. The rear of the car was pushed in and the driver's side back door was damaged.

A passenger inside Schelling's car was her father, John Greek, 82, of Lehighton. Schilling was taking him home when the accident occurred. Schilling received a bump on the head and complained of back pain. Greek said he did not appear to be hurt.

Schilling and her passenger were transported by Mahoning Ambulance to Lehigh Valley Hospital.

"I lost my brakes at the top of the hill," said Barna. "I kept gaining speed. I knew I was going to hit something. I am just so glad that no one was in the other lane. I just couldn't stop."

An emergency worker noted that Barna would need stitches to close a 1-inch gash in his arm that occurred due to the crash.

Barna said that Route 902 should not be used for truck traffic because of the hills.

"We travel on Route 902 because we cannot cross the Route 209 bridge," said Barna.

Barna said that his employer would be pleased that no one was seriously injured.