After a brief hiatus resulting from Carbon County pulling the plug on its blue bin recycling program, recycling has returned to the Borough of Nesquehoning.

Councilman Mark Stromelo made the announcement during Wednesday's monthly council meeting that as of Tuesday, large orange dumpsters were placed behind the old blue bins to allow for single stream recycling in the borough.

In an agreement with Municipal Recovery in Wilkes-Barre, residents may now place all of their recyclable items in one of the orange dumpsters without any sorting.

The cost to the borough for the service will be $100 per month with no charge to residents.

Items that may be recycled in the orange bins are:

Newspaper and newspaper inserts

Magazines and catalogs

All junk mail and envelopes

Office and school paper (all colors), shredded paper is to remain in a bag

Phone books

Cereal and cracker-type boxes

Brown paper sacks/bags

Aluminum, steel and tin cans

Glass bottles and jars

Plastics: #1-#7 (bottles, milk jugs and detergents, containers, tubs, bowls, yogurt cups and margarine/whip cream tubs)

Items that are nonrecyclable and are not to be placed in the bins are:

Garbage of any type

Food waste

Food tainted items such as used paper plates

Paper towels or napkins

Aluminum foil

Styrofoam cups/plates or packaging

Aerosol cans, propane or helium tanks


Plastic toys

Christmas tree lights

Ropes or Cords

Residents are asked to please refrain from placing any type of garbage and nonrecyclable items in the orange bins.

Stromelo also stated that residents would be allowed to place unwanted electronics curbside for pick-up during normal trash days.

Borough workers will retrieve electronic items after garbage has been removed and store it until Advanced Green Solutions Inc. of Walnutport will take the items.

Additionally, Stromelo also stated that on May 18, Tamaqua Transfer will hold an electronics collection at its location.