Charges against a Nesquehoning man who went on a window-smashing spree in Lansford last month have been bound over for court.

Carl Stevens Jr., 33, was scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Wednesday before District Judge William Kissner of Palmerton.

But, instead, Stevens waived his right to the hearing, and will appear before the Carbon County Court of Common Pleas for a pretrial status conference on June 18.

He faces charges from an outburst on March 13 at District Judge Casimir Kosciolek's offices at 417 E. Ridge St., Lansford, while awaiting arraignment on charges stemming from a glass-smashing spree at the Lansford Borough Administrative Office and the Lansford Borough Police office earlier that day.

Charges of aggravated assault of a judge, institutional vandalism, obstruction of justice, resisting arrest, and two counts of persistent disorderly conduct were filed against Stevens on March 28 by Lansford Police Chief John Turcmanovich.

According to an affidavit of probable cause filed by Turcmanovich:

At around 5 p.m. March 13, Stevens was waiting in the court room of Kosciolek's office for his arraignment for criminal charges filed against him when he became unruly and combative.

Stevens was sitting at a desk in the court room in front of the judicial bench handcuffed in a restraining belt. When Stevens was issued copies of his court papers before Kosciolek entered the room, Stevens slid the papers across the desk and then threw the papers on to the floor. The court papers remained on the floor along side the desk.

Kosciolek then entered the court room and began the arraignment. About 30 seconds into the arraignment, Stevens suddenly jumped up from his seat and shouted to the judge "I'm guilty, I admit I did it and lets get it on".

Stevens stepped toward the judicial bench, then picked up the desk he was standing in front of and threw it through the air. The desk bounced off the courtroom wall, smashing into numerous pieces.

He then stood in front of the judicial bench as Kosciolek stood up.

As police officers Patrolmen Jeff Ohl, Tim Wuttki, Sgt. Jack Soberick, and Turcmanovich surrounded Stevens, he began to struggle with all four officers as attempts were made to gain control of him. Finally, Stevens had to be subdued on the floor and held down by all officers while he was being re-cuffed, and shackled more securely as he was attempting to swing and lash out at the officers with his hands and kicking with his legs. Judge Kosciolek returned to his office and called the county dispatch center for more officers to respond and assist with controlling Stevens. Soberick received a minor injury to his hand while attempting to re-cuff Stevens.

After Stevens was resecured, Kosciolek quickly completed the arraignment, and Stevens was transported to Carbon County Prison.

Restitution for damages to the courtroom and furniture were estimated at $606.

Earlier that day, Turcmanovich was dispatched to the Lansford Borough Administrative Office and the borough police office after Stevens smashed out all the windows, large plate glass and the glass door on the Lansford Borough Tax Office with a crow bar. He then attempted to smash out the double glass main doors of the Administrative office, but failed, at which point he then went to the lower side of the building and proceeded to smash out all the windows of the borough police department. The office door of the police department was damaged from a striking type object, and the lock was damaged by a prying type tool.

Upon arrival of police, Stevens was arrested. He admitted to doing all the damage because he wanted to go to jail.

A witness handed a tire iron to police stating that Stevens used the item to smash all the windows and damage to the doors.

Stevens was mirandized, and again admitted to doing all the damage.

While being moved and handcuffed again to the holding bench in the police office, Stevens kicked at and threatened bodily injury to officers initiating the arrest.

Stevens appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or another substance, and showed signs of slurred speech and slowed actions.

For that incident, he is charged with attempt of criminal trespass, institutional vandalism, one count of felony terroristic threats, one count of misdemeanor terroristic threats, possession of an instrument of a crime, resisting arrest, two counts of persistent disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness.

Stevens has been returned to county prison in lieu of a total of $100,000 straight bail, $50,000 for each of the two cases.