The annual District 5 Catholic Youth Organization Arts & Crafts show, held at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic School in Lehighton, featured 192 entries.

The competition was open for students in kindergarten to eighth grade.

Schools participating were Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic School of Lehighton, St. John Neumann School of Palmerton, and Our Lady of the Angels Academy, Lansford.

Students of St. John Neumann had six first place finishes, while Ss. Peter and Paul and Our Lady of the Angels Academy had two each.

Ss. Peter and Paul students got 16 places (two first, six second, and eight third), St. John Neumann students had eight places (six first and two second), and OLOAA had six places (two first, two second, and two third).

A double winner was Caitlene Santos of St. John Neumann, who got blue ribbons in both the arts and crafts competitions.

Phil Liszka, CYO director at Ss. Peter and Paul, served as the moderator.

Students who placed in their respected class of competition were:


Kindergarten: 1. Kyelie Conrath (SsP/P), 2. Owen Rakos (SsP/P), 3. Nathaniel Moore (SsP/P)

Grades 1-2: 1. Angelo Greek (OLOAA), 2. Allicia Gruber (SsP/P), 3. Ethan Gardiner (OLOAA).

Grades 3-4: 1 Kelci Bubser (SJN), 2. Casey Hanley (SsP/P), 3. Casey Hanley (SsP/P).

Grades 5-6: 1. Caitlene Santos (SJN), 2. Felicia James (SJN), 3. Katie Aaron (SsP/P).

Grades 7-8: 1. Sarah Kester (SJN), 2. Jieun Choi (SsP/P), 3. Jieun Choi(SsP/P)


Kindergarten: 1. Jesse Waksmunski (SsP/P), 2. Connor Roetz (SsP/P), 3. Amanda Gowin (SsP/P).

Grades 1-2: Stephen Behun (OLOAA), 2. Albin Petschanuer (OLOAA), 3. David Donovan (SsP/P).

Grades 3-4: 1. Braden Bates (SJN), 2. Gabriella Greek (OLOAA), 3. Lydia Gowin (SsP/P).

Grades 5-6: 1. Caitlene Santos (SJN), 2. Matthew Dougherty (SJN), 3. Allison Slakoper (OLOAA).

Grades 7-8: 1. Nathan Cunfer (SJN), 2. Kennedy Malsch (SsP/P), 3. Mary Wilhelm (SsP/P).


Winner: Ss. Peter and Paul, grade 6 (quilt).