The annual Harmony Scholars show will be presented this weekend, Friday, April 19 and Saturday, April 20 at 7 p.m. at the Panther Valley High School. Doors open at 6 p.m.

Returning for the master of ceremonies spot is J. Christopher West. Once again the co-producers are Patti Vito and Kathy Crampsie. The set designer is Lisa Hiles assisted by Pam and Tom Zlock, Beth Duke, Lynn Sharpe, Rich and Lisa Smith, Chrissy King and a cast of parents and friends to make the scenery design a bit easier. Costumes were designed by Anne Horrigan, Teri Williams, Marlene Gurka and Karen Ruzicka.

The lighting is being handled by Pam Poeldnurk and she is assisted by Tony Walck. The videographer is Frank Fabrizio of "Remember When".

Both Crampsie and Vito wish to thank the students for their participation. Proceeds of the show will be donated to various causes.

The list of particpants who will perform are as follows, Seniors- Katelyn Evans, Amber Guzman, Emily Horvath, Liz Kocha, Jordan Julp, Nikki Matson, Kaitlyn Matula, Kayla Melber, Brielle Poeldnurk, Trevonda Rice, Amanda Stocker, Jenna Thorpe, Joselyn Zedalis, Sam Zlock, Jordan Duke, Jacob Gulla, Stephen Hajack, Josh Jacobs, Matt Lasky, and Richard Smith.

Juniors- Jess Bauder, Jess Jacobs, Katie Kabana, Kayla Kashlak, Rylie Krapf, Richele Van Horn, Jerdil Castillo, Pat Iezzoni, Jake Kusko, Zach Stromelo, Mark Williams, Richard Nase.

Sophomores- Alyssa Bartelt, Tayler Nalesnik, Kim Pimble, Abbey Yusella, and Colin Johnson.

Stage crew- Keeley Conville, Zach Gilbert, Megan Heckman, Hunter Keip, Jordan Reis, Sam Schuch, Samuel Stanko.