"Family Olympics" took place on Friday at Jack and Jill Preschool in Lehighton when the children participated in the second annual Jack and Jill Parent's Organization Family Olympics.

Five events were held to coincide with the five rings on the Olympic flag.

Competition was friendly as the children took part in the busy and fun events. Events were bean bag toss, long jump, simply fun obstacle course, corn table treasure hunt and pin the medal on the Olympian. Each preschooler and their adult companion had to compete as a team in each of the events.

The children jumped, threw and searched in the corn and had an incredible great time spending time with their parents and friends.

As each child took part in the event, they received stickers to fill in their Olympic flag and at the end of the event, the children received medals to recognize their family's participation in the Olympics.

Before the program began, each family displayed a flag and as the families were called forward, they explained the significance of the items they included on their flag.

Jack and Jill Preschool Parent's Organization is a group of dedicated preschool parents who volunteer their time to work together to sponsor monthly family fun events for all the families of children enrolled in Jack and Jill. Each month has a different theme, and offers the preschool families the opportunity to form friendships and bond together beyond their children's preschool experiences. In the past, the Parent's Organization has held a movie night, family barbecue, a Crayola craft night, decorate your cake night and in May they will hold the preschool prom.

Children who are 3, 4 and 5 years old attend Jack and Jill Preschool.

For more information about registering your child at Jack and Jill, or to see all of the preschool activities, fun and learning, visit their website at www.JackandJillLehighton.org. or call (610) 377-6562.