Dear Editor:

I am a native of Northeastern Pa. and I know that one of the things that make our part of the country unique is the mining of Anthracite Coal and now natural gas. Also there are many manufacturers of equipment to service these industries located in N.E. PA, which employ thousands of people. I think we would all agree that these industries are vital to our region's economy.

My question to your readers is how can they support President Obama's pledge to destroy the coal industry? How can Vice-President Biden, who likes to cite his being a native son of this region and Senator Casey, a coal-cracker born and raised, support this policy?

How can unions that represent the miners, machinist and other associated trades encourage their members to vote for an administration whose policy will add more workers to the already too long unemployment lines? Is the Pennsylvania energy industry not big enough to save? Is there no room for coal in the plan to make America energy independent?

I would appreciate hearing the opinions of your readers to help me understand why anyone would vote for a President, Vice President and Senator who are determined for our energy workers to lose their jobs.


Barry Gangwer