The 2012-2013 members of the Marian Catholic Students Council were inducted at a special Mass recently at the Hometown high school campus. The Rev. Francis P. Schoenauer was celebrant of the Mass and Sister Bernard Agnes IHM, Marian Principal, presented each of the inductees with a special pin. Inductees included: (first row) Annette Ritzko, student council president Jessica DeLash, secretary Nicole Collevechio, vice president Dylan Quirk and treasurer Samantha Faust; (second row) Deborah A. Coles, moderator; (third row) Ashley Fannick, Nicholas Kweder, Molly Balliet, Alison Walck, Tiffany Grutza. (fourth row) Ryan Karnish, Frank Nietz, Lukas Damian, Alexandria Hutta. (fifth row) Mary Susan McAndrew, Kayla Rodick, Nico Agosti, Katie Healey, John Julian. (sixth row) Austin Paisley, Amanda Srinivasan, Mary Kate Sherkness, Arianna Srinivasan, Michael McHale.