A consolidation effort on behalf of the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce is in full swing.

Dawn Ferrante, chairperson of the group, discussed the new organizational structure with CCCC members at its "Business After Hours" networking event held Wednesday at the Riverwalck Saloon in Parryville.

Those who attended met new clients and made new business connections while they networked with business professionals within the county.

Ferrante said the group has worked on a consolidation of the regional organizations that go by various names for the past year.

"We have all these different chambers/councils, and our focus is for everybody to come under one brand," Ferrante said. "We will always support our local communities, but this way, we can create efficiency under one brand."

A deadline has been set to bring together the regional organizations by Oct. 1 under one organization name, the Carbon County Chamber of Commerce. The regional groups will then exist as committee's of the CCCC, a model common in other Chambers of Commerce.

Ferrante said the chamber consolidation is part of a larger effort to bring groups together in the county, and to bring more value to the membership.

In other business, Ferrante noted the group has revamped its committee structure, and has encouraged its regional partners to get involved at the committee level, which she said decreases the workload on volunteers in each of its regions and increases exposure for their businesses to other areas of the county.

Also, Ferrante announced that the group's new e-newsletter, Carbon eLink, will be sent to chamber members every Wednesday, with updates on events, tips for businesses, and general information on changes happening with the chamber.