From the producers, to the reporters, to the news anchors, it takes a team effort to produce a successful television newscast.

Exactly how that process works, as well as other daily functions, were shared with members of the Greater Northern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce at their recent visit to the Blue Ridge Communications TV-13 studio in Lehighton.

The visit took place after a joint luncheon between the GNLCC and Palmerton Area Chamber of Commerce, after which members from both organizations were invited to attend.

Once inside, the group was greeted by Kim Bell, general manager, and Marie Johns, news anchor, who gave them a tour of the facility.

Johns explained that during the newscast, it's important to sound as though she's talking to the viewers, as opposed to talking at them.

At one point, several members of the group sat next to Johns and took turns reading text as if they were broadcasting the newscast. While they all did a fine job, most commented that it was harder than they anticipated.

Bell then showed the group a big blank green screen in the studio, and explained how the weather report is given.

Several members of the group attempted to ad-lib a weather report, at which point they could see themselves on the monitors inside the studio.

From there, the group visited the control room, where they were greeted by Jenna Janecek, chief technical director.

Janecek explained the duties that take place inside the control room. Bell commented that Janecek is the perfect person for the job.

After the tour, the group thanked Bell and Johns for the tour. On their way out, Bell presented each individual with a Blue Ridge Communications TV-13 thermometer.

Afterward, Ellie Passman, Vice President, Regional Chambers, Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, thanked Marie and Kim for taking time out of their day to provide the studio tour.

"The tour was not only a lot of fun, watching fellow Chamber members try their hand at reporting the weather and news, which by the way is not nearly as easy as it looks, but very informative as well," Passman said. "It was a great opportunity for our Chamber to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into the news stories on Chamber events that Blue Ridge's team so generously provides us with on a monthly basis."