After a severe thunderstorm hit the area on Saturday, the Palmerton Community Festival started out a little slow but some die-hard fans didn't let a few raindrops stop them from following a longtime tradition like the Behlers and Kohans of Palmerton.

"We have to support them despite the weather," said Patrice Kohan. "And those church ladies make the best filling."

Ann Behler said coming to the festival is a long-standing tradition.

"I've been coming ever since I was a little girl and it was the Palmerton Hospital Festival. Now during the weekend of the festival, I close my kitchen. We have to come here to eat. The dilemma is what to eat."

Both of their daughters and families attended with them.

Ann and Andy's daughter, Marybeth and her husband, Aziz Attish, and their twins, Elsa and Allen, come for the food and keeping a tradition alive.

Patrice and Marlon's daughter, Tara, husband Steven Brogna, and their daughters Isabella, 4 and Sofia, 6 months old, come for the food, family and friends.

"We come every year, rain or shine," said Patrice.