Summer might have ended but a seasonal problem lingers with Summit Hill Zoning Officer Larry Marek.

He told the Summit Hill Borough Council, "Every week there's a big problem with (swimming) pools."

He said there are several pools in yards throughout the borough that haven't been covered or drained. Some are on properties owned by banks.

Marek told the council he is concerned about West Nile Virus.

He added that some of the pools in reference were installed without permits or inspections.

"These people have total disregard for the law," he said. "There are three people out there who have pools in their yard who do not have permits."

He said in some cases, the pools cost $30, the permits cost $90, and then there is an inspection fee added to that from building inspector Barry Isett & Associates.

"We need to prosecute them or cite them," he said. "They have a total disregard for permits, laws, or anything else. They know they need a permit for these pools."

Chief of Police Joseph Fittos said if the police department is advised of violations, the police can cite the property owners.

He then asked the borough's solicitor, Attorney Michael Greek, "A lot of times it is the bank who owns the home. Do we cite the bank?"

Attorney Greek responded that issuing a citation against a bank won't get results. When a pool exists on a bank-owned property, the borough must take appropriate action as deemed necessary - possibly tearing the pool down - and placing a lien for the costs against the property. This way, the borough will recoup its costs plus interest when the property is sold.

He said the same procedure must be followed when a property is owned by an estate.

"It's a major problem," Marek said. "It's an ongoing problem. It starts in spring and goes on and on."