A life-size crucifix from its original church has been placed in the parish center of Sacred Heart Church in Palmerton.

The crucifix was placed on the wall as part of a special Blessing of the Cross conducted recently by the Rev. William Campion, pastor of the church.

"Tonight is a really fitting day to dedicate our restored crucifix," Campion said. "It was in the basement of our church; this is from the original church."

Campion noted that the crucifix was down in the basement when flooding occurred last year.

"We decided to put money in to have it restored," he said. "It's amazing to see the piece of art that's there now."

Mark Yundt, a wood carver from Bethlehem who does professional restoration work, installed the crucifix.

Yundt said the crucifix was waterlogged from being in the basement following the flooding.

"It took quite a while, it was soaked with water, and I had to let it dry," Yundt said. "All the repairs were done with solid wood."

The event coincided with the start of the Vatican Year of Faith, which began Oct. 11 and runs through Nov. 4, 2013; the 50th Anniversary of the Vatican II; and the Diocesan Patronal Feast Day of Mary of the Church.