Robert and wife Jennifer Carnes, owners of Carnes's Clamtown Tavern and Restaurant in Clamtown, said they plan on rebuilding following a fire that destroyed their tavern and restaurant yesterday morning.

"My friends woke us up," said Robert 'Bob' Carnes, who was asleep upstairs with his wife at the time. "We were sleeping and awoke to text messages and phone calls from West Penn firefighters and police stating my place was on fire."

"I called Bob and told him that his place was on fire and to get out," said West Penn Police Chief Brian Johnson. "I then kicked in the door. After seeing flames, I grabbed a fire extinguisher in an attempt to put out the fire." Despite his efforts and those of many responding fire companies, the business was destroyed.

"It is a shame, it is a well-known landmark in Clamtown," said nearby resident Tina Clause.

The location held many roles prior to being called the Clamtown Tavern, such as Score's Pub, Village Tavern, Village Inn/Brennan's Bar and Snyders Glass Bar and Grille.

The Carnes, who have owned the business since 2007, expressed their appreciation to all the emergency responders, family members, business regulars, community members, businesses, neighbors and everyone else who offered support since the fire.

They gave the TIMES NEWS reporter a list of more than 20 people who have showed support since hearing about the fire.

Responding to yesterday's fire were emergency responders, fire police, and/or police from West Penn, New Ringgold, Tamaqua, Walker/New England, Schuylkill Haven, Deer Lake, Lansford, Summit Hill, Hometown, Mahoning Valley and others.

Fire police and paramedics also responded.

Acting incident commanders Christian Alexi, fire chief, New Ringgold Fire Company; and Clint Schock, assistant fire chief, West Penn Fire Company, stated that the fire started in an electrical junction box in the basement.

Both added that all the emergency responders did a great job.

The state police fire marshal was recalled as Johnson, Alexi and Schock agreed the fire was an accident and electrical in nature.

Robert Carnes said his wife keeps telling him that even though the restaurant is gone, all the items can be replaced, as they have insurance.

Friends, neighbors and family members could be seen all day yesterday helping the Carnes board up the windows as well as helping them move their large inventory of beverages to another cooler.