Nine students from Our Lady of the Angels Academy, Lansford, were recently named Students of the Month for September for the 2012-2013 school year. They were selected because they exhibited the virtue of responsibility. Students of the Month are Alfred Collevechio, III, Stephen Behun IV, Gabriella Greek, Sadie Trubilla, Logan Fisher, Keith McCall, Anthony Collevechio, Julia Hoben and Thaddeus Karnish.

The following are quotes from each student.

Kindergarten, Logan Fisher: "I am polite. I learn from my mistakes. I do my best every day."

First Grade, Stephen Behun IV: "I show responsibility by cleaning up after myself. I take care of my books, supplies, and toys. I also help my friends if they need help."

Second Grade, Alfred Collevechio III: "I always finish my homework, do my best work, help others when I can, and never talk in class."

Third Grade, Sadie Trubilla: "I have all my school supplies and homework complete. I am always prepared."

Fourth Grade, Gabriella Greek: "I am responsible. I am responsible because I get my homework done on time, am nice to my friends, and own up to my mistakes. I try to get good grades on tests and obey my teacher."

Fifth Grade, Thaddeus Karnish: "The teacher did not need to yell at me to stop talking. I always get my work done. I read when nothing is happening. I get my work without being asked."

Sixth Grade, Keith McCall: "I always help Mr. Dowd in the morning and I am very responsible about completing my assignments."

Seventh Grade, Julia Hoben: "I always demonstrate responsibility in the classroom and out. I put my best effort forth in my schoolwork and activities."

Eighth Grade, Anthony Collevechio: "I am responsible. I hand in all of my work on time. I complete all tasks given to me by my teacher."