Franklin Township firefighters recently presented a fire prevention program at Franklin Elementary School which included a stopover by a medical helicopter.

After presenting the program to the entire school, firefighters visited classrooms to discuss fire detectors and exit drills with the children.

Fire Chief Bruce Wolfe visited kindergarten classrooms stressing to them the importance of changing the batteries in their smoke detectors and when Wolfe heard that some of the families did not have a smoke detector, he made arrangements to provide one for each family which does not have one. He also went over the drill, "stop, drop and roll," and introduced firefighter Shawn Sheckler in full gear to the children.

"It's tough for us to get people out of a burning building," said Wolfe. "We want you to get out to make our job better."

He told the children they should give their parents homework to change the batteries in the smoke detector and encouraged the children to remind their parents to do an emergency fire drill at home on a regular basis.

Wolfe said that he wanted the children to see a firefighter in full gear and have the children realize that if their house was on fire and they saw a firefighter dressed in gear that they would know he was there to help them.

After the indoor visits, firefighters showed off their new International/KME elliptical stainless steel tanker, which is equipped with a 2000 gallon tank and a 750 gallon per minute pump. The truck was assembled by local workers at the KME plant in Nesquehoning at a purchase price of $269,384. The new vehicle replaces a 1983 Mack tanker that was taken out of service last fall because of mechanical problems.

Firefighters also distributed plastic firemen helmets and coloring books to the children.