William G. Wildoner, 72, of 689 Barnesville Drive, Barnesville, former tax collector for Ryan Township, is scheduled to appear Wednesday in Schuylkill County court to plead guilty to charges of failing to turn over to Mahanoy Area School District, Ryan Township, and the county tax monies collected from Ryan Township property owners for the period of 2009 to 2010.

He is expected to enter a general plea of guilty to the charges, which is the result of an agreement with District Attorney Karen Byrnes-Noon.

The plea will be entered before Judge Jacqueline Russell and since it is a general plea, the procedure is for the judge to order a pre-sentence investigative report prepared by the adult probation department and a date set for sentencing. He is placing himself at the mercy of the court.

The information on file in the court states he withheld a total of $376,718.80 in taxes owed to the three taxing bodies.

Fortunately, all three bodies have been reimbursed for the loses they suffered from a performance bond, as the county treasurer insures all tax collectors in the county.

The bonding company, Travelers Insurance Company, has already approved reimbursements of $166,000 to the county, $160,000 to the school district, and $24,000 to the township. County treasurer Jacqueline McGovern said the reimbursement is based only on the amount of money people paid in taxes and not based on the amount to be paid by all tax collectors, as there were taxpayers who were delinquent in payments.

Wildoner served as tax collector in the township for 35 years and resigned in June shortly before his arrest. He waived arraignment and his case was bound to court.

McGovern said for 35 years Wildoner turned over the monies he collected, but she noticed a shortage in county returns. She could not take action because tax collectors have until the end of the year to settle their accounts.