"You have 30 seconds to give me all of your money or I will kill you," a robbery suspect threatened as he pointed a long rifle at a clerk at The Losch Corner (TLC) gas station and convenient store in South Tamaqua at about 2 p.m. Friday.

"I thought he was joking at first," said the male clerk, who wished to remain anonymous. "He had his finger on the trigger of the gun, so I backed away and quickly gave him the money from the register.

"The robber was only in the store a few seconds," added the clerk. "The police were here very quickly."

According to West Penn Township Police Chief Brian Johnson, the robber got away with an undetermined amount of cash.

After an all points bulletin was given over the radio, police officers from surrounding municipalities in both Carbon and Schuylkill counties could be seen pulling vehicles over in hopes of capturing the armed robber.

"I saw police cars all over the place," said nearby resident Josh Holmberg. "One car after another kept driving by my home."

Workers at a farm market located across the street from the store said they didn't see anything and didn't know what happened until they saw police cars show up.

"There was a lot of police activity throughout the area," said nearby resident Samantha Leiby.

Johnson described the robber as being a male in his mid 40s to early 50s, approximately 5 feet 9 inches, about 180 pounds, with dark facial hair and mustache and wearing a black hoodie.

The getaway vehicle was described as possibly being a light silver and purple sedan with one occupant.

"The robber might have turned onto Dairy Road from TLC," added Johnson.

Johnson said the robbery is still under investigation and police are reviewing surveillance videos from numerous locations.

Anyone with information about the robbery is urged to contact police.