Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits opened up the concert held Friday at Penn's Peak with one of his favorites, ""I'm Into Something Good," and from there it was one Herman Hermit's hit after another.

Noone admits on stage that the hit he is singing at the moment is his favorite song.

He asked the crowd if they wanted to hear some new songs, and the crowd roared that they wanted the same songs Noone had sung in the 60s and Noone did his best to grant their wishes.

Noone's stage persona is happy, joyful and boyish. He loves to poke fun at himself and his songs while keeping his band on their toes to keep up with him. He sang quite a few of his top hits, "Wonderful World," "Leaning on the Lamp Post," "She's A Must to Avoid," "Dandy," "Sea Cruise," "No Milk Today," "Just a Little Bit Better," "Silhouettes," "Listen People," Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter," "Henry the Eighth," and "Listen People."

After all, Herman's Hermits sold over 60 million recordings. In all, 14 singles and seven albums went gold. The Hermits were twice named Cashbox's "Entertainer of the Year".

Peter also sang a few songs made famous by other artists, such as Davy Jones and the Monkees, "Day Dream Believer," and "Ring of Fire," by Johnny Cash.

Noone had the crowd chuckling when he told them that his father was Mick Jagger and that he always dreamed when he grew up that he would get to play at Penn's Peak in Jim Thorpe, Pa.

When he sang the song, "Ferry Cross the Mercy," he interchanged the words, "Cross the Lehigh," and "Jim Thorpe," into the song to localize it and drew laughter from the local crowd.

When one of the fans in the front row presented Peter with one of his old albums, he pranced across the stage with the album in front of his face.

In all everyone had a great time watching his antics and listening to him sing. His boyish good looks, engaging style and open personality keeps his Noonatic fans coming back and inspires the younger generation to get hooked on his music.

His fans came from far and wide to be at the concert on Friday night. For Stephanie Parker and her husband, Ernie of Portsville, Va. the concert on Friday night at Penn, featuring Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits is one of 12 she will be attending from now until the end of December.

The couple are not alone in their pursuit of Noonatic fun. "Noonatic" fans came from all over the country and England on Friday night to share in the camaraderie.

Judy Vecchil came from Lebanon County, while June and Jerry Newsone of Hampton, N.C., fans since his original tour in 1965, drove in to attend the concert.

All of them had plans to drive to Annapolis, Maryland for the concert on Saturday.

"We've been here all three times," said June. "We've seen Peter perform in Florida, Las Vegas, Chicago and more."

June Rhoades likely won for coming the farthest distance. She arrived from England and spent some time in Memphis, Tenn. and Branson, Missouri before driving to Jim Thorpe to see Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits in concert.