Complete strangers came to the aid of four young boys and their parents after the family was recently evicted from their Tamaqua home.

Last Saturday, a Good Samaritan had contacted a volunteer with the Tamaqua Salvation Army and informed him that a family was living in a garage on Lafayette Street. The volunteer, who wishes to remain anonymous, then drove to the garage and spotted the family of six living amid piles of wet clothing, furniture and appliances. Open food containers were also scattered around the garage.

Wanting to help, the volunteer communicated with the Tamaqua Salvation Army to arrange for housing and transportation assistance for the homeless family.

The volunteer then offered to take all the family's belongings to their family member's home in Lehighton. The grateful family agreed to his kind offer and helped the volunteer load his truck.

While helping, one of the affected children told the volunteer, "I love to help." The volunteer admitted being teary-eyed after the child's remark.

Noticing the family's 30 bags of dirty laundry, the Salvation Army volunteer took it upon himself to take all the bags of dirty laundry to the Tamaqua Laundromat to wash them. Realizing this would take some time, the volunteer put a simple post on Facebook asking for volunteers to help wash the clothes.

Within minutes of the post, the laundromat was filled with complete strangers willing to help a family they had never met. Some even dropped off monetary donations, laundry detergent and softeners to help wash all the clothes which took about eight hours.

The Tamaqua Salvation Army provided transportation for the family to a family member's home in Lehighton.

"Not every act of kindness involves money," said Tamaqua Salvation Army Major Sharon Whispell. "These strangers were a great example of how a community comes together in times of desperate need."

Donations are being accepted for the family. The ages of the boys are 10 months, 6, 12 and 14. For more information on how to help, call (570) 668-1234.