On May 12, 2013, the Lehigh Gap Nature Center will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. At the Migration Fest held Sept. 29-30 a new quilt made by members Donna Gasser and Kathie Romano was displayed and will be raffled May 5, 2013, at a celebration and open house. Romano did all the birds, said Gasser. For information email dlgasser@ptd.net.

Diane Husic gave an update on the Eastern Pennsylvania Phenology project. The cost was covered by an Audubon-Toyota TogetherGreen fellowship.

It tracks climate change through bloom times, birding, and bugs. It is a citizen-science project with input from many people and organizations.

"We have people go out and look at things to learn about climate-change adaptation," said Husic. "If you get a lot of people out looking, you learn more. The science measures the life cycle of plants, animals and microbes and details how the environment influences the timing of these events."

She said it is harder in fall when things are stopping then in the spring when something that was not there over winter is back

A goal is to get people outside watching and appreciating nature, said Husic. A second goal is to create a public database for regional phenology records.

The research can be followed at lgnc.org/research/phenology. To submit data email phenology@lgnc.org.

She has 13,000 pieces of data, and reports back to the 1960s add another 200,000 pieces. Five counties were in the original plan but 18 are now included. The Kittatinny Ridge is a dividing point with warming from south to north. It also has the major contiguous forest in Pennsylvania.

The Louisiana waterthrush comes back 23 days earlier across the state - all birds are coming earlier, she said.

Nature Center Director Dan Kunkle said in the spring there is an urge for raptors to get to breeding grounds but in fall they leave when they are running out of food. There is no special urgency because the thermals are lasting later in the year.

Husic said it has been smart for municipalities to protect flood plains. With the predictions of climate change more water discharge will become common.

Other Saturday events were an identification of raptors program followed by a trip to Bake Oven Knob to watch hawks, a display of amphibians and reptiles and a craft table for kids.