Our Lady of the Angels Academy in Lansford recently announced October's Students of the Month. They were selected because they exhibited the virtue of kindness.

Students of the Month for October are Caylen Perri, London Vavro, Zinnia Ruch, Sophia Tenisci, Brayden Feisel, Valerie Blasko, Hanna Dowd, Isabella Blasko, and Charizma Hiles.

The following are quotes from each student.

Kindergarten: London Vavro: "I was kind and helpful."

Grade 1: Caylen Perri: "I listened to Mrs. Boyle. I was nice to everyone and I tried to help everyone."

Grade 2: Valerie Blasko: "I helped a family that was homeless."

Grade 3: Brayden Feisel: "I wasn't mean to anyone on the playground. I listen to people when they talk to me."

Grade 4: Charizma Hiles: "I respect my friends and teachers. I listen to my teachers in class. I try to be the best student I can be. I do what is asked of me."

Grade 5: Sophia Tenisci: "I let the sixth, seventh, and eighth graders borrow my volleyball. I was nice to other people in my class. I never said, 'I don't care' to anyone."

Grade 6: Zinnia Ruch: "When I talk to my teachers and friends I always use kind words."

Grade 7: Isabella Blasko: "I am kind to everyone. I treat them fairly, too. If they need help, I will help them the best I can. I try to be friends with everyone. That is why I was chosen as the Student of the Month."

Grade 8: Hanna Dowd: "I am always nice to people even if they annoy me. I always try to respect everyone."