Members and volunteers with the Citizen's Fire Company of Middleport are looking to fill a tractor trailer with donations to go to those affected by Hurricane Sandy. They plan on leaving sometime Monday to the communities of Hoboken, New Jersey and Long Island, New York.

'These communities are begging for donations," said collection organizer and firefighter Todd Amos. "It seems like these two communities are being forgotten."

Firefighters and volunteers could be seen folding clothes, filling boxes and making more space for donations last night at their firehouse, which is located on St. Clair Road in Middleport.

"The community has already been so supportive of our drive," said Amos, as he recalled an elderly woman who loaded her small car completely with donations she dropped off at the station.

Members of the fire company collected hundreds, if not thousands, of new and slightly used items during their 3-day collection event held outside the St. Clair Wal-Mart, which involved firefighters and volunteers standing outside for 12 hours each day.

"Even though we are finding it hard to find room in our station for the donations we collected so far, we are still collecting donations," stressed Fire Chief Darren Borger.

In addition to clothing and non-perishable food, they are asking for any type of household items, to include sealed cleaning supplies, hygiene items and so on. They are also collecting empty gas containers.

"Most of the donations we raise will go to area missions who are acting as aid stations," added Amos, who added that in addition to dropping off donations, they hope to actually help any of the residents affected.

Firefighters pointed out that they are in desperate need of volunteers to help them sort and fold all the clothing they received, as the mission they are taking it to doesn't have enough volunteers.

If you want to donate or help fold clothes, call (570) 277-0193 or (570) 622-6235 as soon as possible.