Karen Bandzi and the Ladies Auxiliary to R.W. Fritzinger VFW Post 7215 do their very best to educate children about the importance of the Pledge of Allegiance.

This marks the eighth year that they are visiting area schools to give presentations about the history of the United States of America's Pledge of Allegiance, and how to respect and display the flag.

They do this through an informative and entertaining video featuring President Theodore Roosevelt.

He explains that the Pledge of Allegiance was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister, to inspire patriotism in young Americans and a way to state loyalty.

Bandzi, the president of the auxiliary and District 20, was accompanied by state Sen. David Argall; Richard Sosoka, a retired Sgt. Major from the U.S. Army of 33 years; Simon Bandzi, Jr., a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran; and Gold Star Mother Carol Resh of Fogelsville, whose son, Capt. Mark T. Resh, was killed in Najaf, Iraq Jan. 28, 2007; at Peters Elementary School in Friedens. The assembly was for Mrs. Mayer and Mrs. George's kindergarten classes.

Bandzi picked a boy and a girl to lead them all in saying the Pledge.

Sen. Argall asked the students if they knew what a senator was.

He explained that they make important laws and rules that everyone must follow.

He asked if anyone could name a law and one student said, you shouldn't drink and drive, which he said was a very good law.

Sosoka told the students that Betsy Ross came to him in a dream, asking him to explain why the stars in the flag have five points. Then he demonstrated how to make a five point star from a piece of paper. When he unfolded the perfect star, the students applauded in appreciation.

Each child received a certificate that they attended the assembly, a small American flag, pencil and a brochure that gives a brief history of the flag and how to display and care for it.

"We want to teach our children Americanism and to have them understand if it wasn't for our military, we wouldn't be where we are today," said Bandzi.