Voters throughout Carbon County are showing up to vote in todays general election in record numbers.

At Franklin Township Fire Company, Brenda Eckley, judge of elections for the Harrity District in Franklin Township, noted that by 8:30 a.m., a record number 125 people had voted.

When asked whether the weather had a role in the good turnout, Eckley noted that she had no idea.

As for asking for identification of voters, Eckley said that voters are asked to provide identification and most are complying willingly.

In Lehighton, at the Lehighton Boys and Girls Band Hall, Harry Procina, judge of elections, said that 77 voters had voted by 8:45 a.m., which is above average.

"It could be the weather," said Procina. "It is a nice day, chilly though."

Procina noted that voters are being asked to provide identification and most are showing it.

"No one said they did not want to show their ID" he said.

At the New Columbus Fire Station in Nesquehoning, at 9 a.m., 113 voters had cast their votes.

Elaine Greek, judge of elections said 113 voters is a high number for now.

Greek said she believes the high number of voters is in response to the large degree of television advertising.

"We are having five, six, seven people show up at a time," said Greek.

Greek said that in Nesquehoning, voters are offering to show their identification.

"When someone forgets to ask for it, they ask us to show it."

Greek said that identification is not an issue in Nesquehoning because "everyone knows everybody."