Norman Burger reported at the Oct. 18 meeting of the Chestnuthill anniversary committee that he had talked to the school about a logo contest for the anniversary. The celebration involves all four townships of the school district because they were all at one time part of Chestnuthill Township.

He is going to talk to history classes at the Polk School and give a presentation.

Burger has been printing brochures by the hundreds but hopes to need thousands by giving them out at events in or near the four townships.

He also wants to get pencils to give out because they are longer-lasting reminders than a brochure.

Member Dave Fleetwood made a motion to pursue the purchase of pencils. It would take 5,500 to give to all students, but Dr. Douglas Arnold may know which classes will benefit from them.

Carol Nemecek, assistant Scoutmaster of Boy Scout Troop 98, has been at Unity Night at the school and offered suggestions. She said the troop has been in Brodheadsville since 1957 and wants to participate in the celebration. She said they may carry old flags if there is a parade.

Burger said they have talked of starting a parade at the fairgrounds, but other suggestions were discussed. Member Harvey Burger said a motorized parade could hit all four townships with walkers joining the parade as it passed through their township.

If they make the whole circuit it will be 20-25 miles and they need a commitment from fire police. PennDOT permits for a parade take up to three months.

Bernie Kozen suggested the alternative of a ramble through the four townships with various events at stops in each.

Supervisors and the general public have been invited to attend the meetings.

Member Dave Fleetwood wants the townships to make suggestions.

All ideas are valid but not all are feasible, said Burger.