Good Vybrations kiosk, located across from Holiday Hair Salon at the Carbon Plaza Mall, can provide you with a personalized Sonix Whole Body vibration experience.

Jeanine D'Andrea, owner of Sonix, said the whole body vibration machine improved the condition of her skin, helped her lose weight and gave her a heightened feeling of wellness despite her own serious health issues.

"I used to have extreme pain in my body," she admitted. "I have stress fractures in both my feet and I couldn't do anything."

Her mother then purchased the whole body vibration machine which helped her so much she decided to share it with others to give them the opportunity to feel better.

"Because of this machine, I am able to walk and work without pain," she noted.

D'Andrea describes sonic vibrations as "alternative medicine."

"It doesn't cure you," she said. "It is not a quick cure, but it is a way to help you feel better. It promotes your health and well being."

The sonic vibration machine has two settings. In the physical fitness setting, the machine gives you a 10-minute physical workout that equals 90 minutes of Tai Chi or Qigong. So people using the machine will develop a "toned" look without a lot of physical activity.

"Body vibration exercise prevents bone and muscle loss," she said. "It actually increases bone density and muscle toning and strength."

She added that sonic tones will zero in on specific health issues, such as arthritis, cancer or earaches, or it can be set to help improve strength and performance, balance and coordination, fatigue and vascular circulation and more.

D'Andrea has the Sonic Whole Body vibration experience available at Carbon Plaza Mall from noon to 6:10 p.m. Monday through Friday. She will not leave until all of her clients are treated.

She noted that typically, modern medicine treats the human body as a mechanical devise by replacing parts that fail as you would an automobile, or addressing symptoms of illness rather than impacting wellness.

"Today, if your knee goes bad, they replace it," she said. "But, the human body is an energy system and according to Sonic Life, it is the ultimate energy system. It's time to treat it as such."

She said that sonic vibration is one of the most effective ways to move all stagnant fluids in the body. Sonic vibration has smooth sound wave transitions and is stable.

"Besides those who want to improve their health, lose weight or tighten and tone, the Sonix whole body vibration exercise machine is particularly good for athletes, seniors and those who cannot exercise due to physical problems or are disabled," she said.

The people who need and benefit most from using the Sonix exercise machine are those people who have tried everything else to fight fatigue, lose weight or relieve chronic pain and failed, she said.

"It's nice to know that there is something else available besides medicine," she said.