The Tamaqua Area High School's Media Club held their 7th Annual IF (Independent Film) Festival recently in the Tamaqua Area School District auditorium.

This year's festival was open to the public, and celebrated the cinematic work of over nine Tamaqua Area High School students.

Due to the event's "film premier" vibe, organizers encouraged all guests to dress up in formal wear.

Hosting the event were Tamaqua students Andrea Whitley, Allie Miller, Keith Kranch and Chris Hartung as part of Mrs. Lori Remmel's Media Club class.

The films presented were "It's Not Easy Being a Psychiatrist" by Jacob Gursky, Anthony Lewis and Noah Troxell; "What's so Funny 'Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding?" by Dallas Mease, Victoria White, Derek Drum and Garred Ahner; "Anti-Bullying Movement" by Haleigh Jacob, Amanda Hinkle, Tyler Billig, Rebecca John and Alexandra Miller; "Girls Just want to Have Fun" by Emily Zancofsky, Kayla Hope and Danielle Fox; "The Boy Who Swindled His Mum $100 and Lost His Pink Shirt" by Haylee Darker, Sal Merenda, Carly O'Malley and Gabby Minehan; "A Puzzled Life" by Victoria Krouse; "Meat Car" by Brandon Silkowski, Matt Delborello, Anthony Iacoviello, Peter Conforti and Tyler Groner; "Commercial Break" by Victoria White and Mrs. Drum's 2nd period acting class; and "Escape from Holiday Mountain" by Mrs. Drum's 9th period acting class.

In addition, Mrs. Remmel and Mrs. Chromiak will have their students' artwork on display in the lobby of the TASD Auditorium before and during the event.